Short overview of Athletic Greens food supplement

athletic-greens-supplementAthletic Greens is a superfood supplement with many great ingredients like vitamins, probiotics and digestive enzymes. It’s used for many purposes like getting energy or additional nutrients and vitamins.

Athletic Greens contains many raw superfoods like fruits and vegetables, grasses, algae, broccoli, carrot, spinach, alfalfa, mushrooms and large variety of vitamins. There are total of more than 70 different ingredients that will give you more energy, boosts your immune and   alkalizes your body.

All of its ingredients are 100% organic and vegan friendly. Its serving is about 12 grams which is like 12 servings of greens per day. Athletic Greens is used as a drink where you put a cup of the powder and fill it with water and drink it. Its taste is impressively good compared with other superfood supplements.

There are many different Athletic Greens reviews available on the internet, but the best thing for you is to try it out yourself and see how it works for you.


Robert / August 20, 2015 / Diet / 0 Comments